Doing an adventurous activity is more compelling and thrilling than watching your favorite sports on the television screen. Many youngsters now enjoy mountain biking going up and down the slopes at high speed. To enjoy this activity, one needs to have a mountainous bike. If you have no knowledge about mountainous bikes but want to buy them, then it is advised to take genuine help of experts. Professionals will make you aware of several aspects of an MTB which will help you in its purchase. On the contrary, you can also ask the expert about mountain bike prices in consideration to your budget.

Things you should do before purchasing a bicycle

Prior to making a purchase for a bicycle, you should keep budget into consideration as MTBs are made up of a wide range of materials viz. carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium etc. If you are low on budget then it is advised to go for the frame made out of aluminum as it is rust proof and provides great durability to the bicycle. On the contrary, if you can afford to purchase a high-end bicycle then go for the frame which is either made up of titanium or carbon fiber.

Before making the final payment, you are advised to have a test ride on the bicycle. This feature will help you to know how comfortable the bicycle really is. You can check on the suspension, brakes, and balancing of the bicycle. It is advised to go for disc braking systems as they are much safer and robust and you don’t have to spend a hefty amount on their maintenance.

Should you go for hard-tail or full suspension?

Most of the adventurous bikes have a great front and rear suspension, This feature helps a person to ride the bicycle with ease on different terrains. If you are beginner then it is advised to go for hard-tails’ as they are ruggedly built and help you to maintain perfect balance while climbing a steep slope. On the other hand, full suspension bicycles have lots of speed and agility and they are best suited for professionals.

Different types of Mountain Bikes

Cross country

They are basically light in weight and have great momentum. These bicycles are designed in such a manner that they allow a participant to climb a steep slope with ease.

DH bicycles

They are basically used for performing different stunts on a mountainous area viz. long jumps, backflips etc. DH bicycles have a great suspension to help a participant or performer to land safely on the ground. You will also get the impeccable braking facility and the bikes also have a good center of gravity which helps you to maintain the perfect balance during the act.

Trail Bicycles

These bikes are best suited to drive on treacherous terrain and on the wild paths, inside of a jungle. Trail bicycles usually have wide tires which provide excessive friction while making treacherous and blind turns. Furthermore, the wheelbase is around 29 inches which helps the rider to get more comfort and balance.

All mountain bicycles

All types of mountain bicycles basically have 66 degrees of slack heads as well as steeper seat tubing, around 75 degrees. This feature aids the rider to drive them easily on every other terrain.