Picture it: You’re in an Uber traveling to the airport and you’re super excited because this holiday that you spent weeks and months planning has finally arrived! Soon you’ll be in that destination you’ve always dreamed of going to, seeing all of those iconic landmarks you’ve seen thousands of times before in images and travel books but this time you’ll be seeing it with your own eyes.

You’re at the airport waiting in line, looking around at all the other travelers waiting in the checkout line and suddenly it dawns on you… You left your passport at home. Eeek!

We all know that sinking feeling when you’ve left something important behind… Imagine that happening at the airport just moments before catching your flight to an overseas destination?

Whether it’s your first trip abroad, or you’re a seasoned traveler with a ton of experience – it’s always helpful to have a reminder of things you need to pack. There are no guarantees in life, and travel can be particularly tricky. But ensuring you pack everything you need by having a travel checklist can prevent some unnecessary and sticky situations from happening to you in a foreign country.

travel checklist


That’s why we’ve created this handy overseas travel checklist. Inside you’ll find a men’s travel checklist and a women’s travel checklist (because we have different packing needs!), all the essential items like cash, passport, tickets etc and pretty much everything else you’d like to pack as well. There’s also a bonus page full of travel coupon codes for Airbnb, Contiki and more! So what are you waiting for? Click here to get the travel checklist now.